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ANY change to your home’s exterior needs to be approved by the ARC BEFORE work begins if you want to avoid fines. Applications forms can be found below and must be submitted to Terra West Management.

Sketches, diagrams, paint samples, etc. are REQUIRED, as well as all the neighbors signatures or an explanation of why they are missing. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Every homeowner is welcome to attend ARC meetings; applicants and neighbors are especially invited. Please notify the management company if you intend to attend an ARC meeting to receive instructions on the time and place of the meeting.

More documents are available here.

The management company executes the following procedure for every ARC application:

  1. Terra West checks all ARC applications as they're received to ensure that the applications are complete (all forms filled out and all neighbors signed) and all supporting materials are present (pictures, diagrams, etc.).
  2. An incomplete application is immediately returned to the applicant by Terra West with an explanation of what's missing or the applicant is otherwise notified of the need to correct the deficiencies of the application.
  3. Complete applications are sent (preferably by email) to all members of the ARC.
  4. The applicants and neighbors should notify Terra West in a timely fashion if they want to participate in a meeting to be appraised of the time and place of the ARC meeting.


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