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  1. Please immediately report problems that you notice in the community to the management company. Please understand that water leaks and damage to common areas, i.e. gates, etc. costs all Valley Crest homeowners money.  Help contain costs and keep our monthly assessment as low as possible.   The emergency number is listed on the Contacts page.
  2. On-street parking is PROHIBITED - please read the Towing Policy and Procedure located on the Documents page.
  3. Placing traffic cones or other obstructions in the street is illegal and will not protect children playing in the street. The streets are not a playground.
    Please refer to The Valley Crest Rules and Regulations adopted May 8, 2012 as amended in August 2018 for details on activities allowed on the streets.
    Placing chairs and any other obstacles, including basketball hoops and traffic cones in the street is illegal as is sitting or playing in the street.

A Communication from one of our neighbors:

    Hello Valley Crest Neighbors,

    Recently we have had some problems with the neighborhood kids jumping our wall to come into the neighborhood, instead of walking around through the gates. We live at the end of Noble Range St. and our back wall backs up to Grand Canyon. Last school year we had boys jumping onto and walking the length of our wall through our yard to get into the neighborhood. We asked the kids not to do this as it is very dangerous (the bricks on the top of the wall are loose), and we have young children that have been out playing and have been frightened by someone jumping/walking across the wall. Each time we were just ignored. This week our neighbor in the next neighborhood over caught a boy using the wall again. When she asked him not to do it any more, he was very disrespectful letting her know he was not about to walk "all the way" around. This is a matter of safety for these kids, as well as invasion of our privacy. We would appreciate any cooperation with this, and hope this will be resolved soon.

    Thank you,

    Please note that the above activity is ILLEGAL and both teenagers and/or parents may be charged for a number of different offenses.

Community ATV problem

    CC&Rs, Article 10, Use Restrictions, Section 10.5 states, in part:
     "No unusually loud motorcycles, dirt bikes or any loud mechanized vehicles be operated on any portion of the Properties without the prior written approval of the Board, which approval may be withheld for any reason whatsoever”

    Not only are community residents upset by the recurring use of these loud vehicles but your children are at risk for injury using these vehicles on the streets. Please refrain from this practice.


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